Cocolia Workshops

Cocolia Workshops will enhance the student creativity through practical exercises, showing them prior art and graphics that surround us. With the finality to motivate the interior creativity and structure it to become a personal and singular visual language. This experimentation can
bring us to strengthen our identity as creators


Awake the creativity to generate a visual language.

Enhance intuition and artistic side of the student.

Experiment with objects, colour and composition freely.

Show that these personal exercises can differentiate us from the rest.

Learn to risk, use talent and be energetic in our projects.

We develop the ability to break the routine and push participants out of their comfort zone, minimizing the expected results and venturing them into exercises where we work the intuition, boldness and creativity. The process is important and nothing is forbidden, we let the ideas flow.


Our educational experience is extensive, we teach Creativity Lab and Fashion Lab School at IDEP Barcelona.We have also participated at various events and realised workshops and conferences about the creative process.